Get Online Astrology Service for Solving Relationship Issues

Get Online Astrology Service for Solving Relationship Issues

When girl get married to boy, she never thinks of fights and problems and same in case of boy. They both get married with thought of happy and prosperous married life. Problems in relations not only affect the family but it also gives stress. It destroys the mental peace of both. The couple remains irritated whole day. Let’s know the main reason of the relation problems

  • Mutual Understanding

When there is lack of understanding between both, the couple urges to fight and it creates disputes between both. The differences arise among both with disputes.

Relationship Issues

  • Lack of Trust

Every relation is built on trust and love. If one fails to trust it creates a wall between  both and the couple starts arguing and fighting with each other.

  • Lack of love

If there is no love in the relation, there will be no relation. Love is the base of the relation. If one of the couple does not love his/her partner it will create problem between both which causes disputes.

  • Extra-Marital affair

No one will tolerate the extra marital affair of their partner. Every person expects love, trust, care and loyalty from their partner. If one fails to do so, dispute arises between both.

  • Family Issues

Family issues also cause the dispute between husband and wife. If both families do not agree with each others’ beliefs and ideas, the impact will be shown between the couple and differences arise.

  • Financial Problems

If there is financial problem in the family and one of them is unable to handle the problem and other fails to understand his/her partner, differences and disputes start between the couples.

  • Different personalities

If both have different personalities, there will be problem. There will be problem in agreement on the situation or the decision. If both fail to accept the different personalities, there will be disputes and fights in the relations.

I know everyone is tired of daily fights and disputes. We want a peaceful and happy life. To avoid the problems between couple, following remedies will help to avoid the problems and live a happy and prosperous life.


  • Put five almonds and some misri in water on a Sunday and let them flow and do not waste water and salt.
  • In order to make your relationship strong, make it a habit to donate things at a place where people perform storage of water.
  • Mix up any green vegetable in a well on a Sunday or a Wednesday. Avoid taking donation. Such things should be kept away from the worship place. Do not eat rice on ekadshi, rather donate it.
  • If you are doing wood cutting work and face relationship issues then you have to stop doing this work. Rather you should donate wooden things on a Sunday or Thursday.
  • Outflow green vegetables, leaves or grass in water on a Wednesday. Be seated in front of the idol and wear rudraksh on shoulder or wrist.
  • Simple yet effective remedy to improve your relationships. Remain honest to your partner always and do not perform any work in a hurry. Also, avoid helping people too much or unnecessarily. Help people only when it is necessity.
  • Wear small ball of copper or gold in neck on a Thursday or donate coal made from wood on a Saturday.


Above remedies are simple yet effective to avoid disputes between couple and helps in maintaining peace and harmony in relations.If you want more information then consult with best astrologer in Melbourne.



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