Month: September 2016

Resolving Family Conflicts with Indian Astrology

Our family is very important aspect of our lives and if there are conflicts amongst the family members, there would be numerous reasons for a person to feel bad about.  According to the great scholar and intellectual Vidhur, a person’s strength and performance reduces to half if he or she has an incompatible life partner. The energy of the mind invariably becomes diverted towards areas of conflict. With the help of tarot card reading in Australia, one can get rid of these problems effectively.


It is very easy to imagine the plight of a person who returns home after a hard days’ work only to find out that conditions at home are inconducive and family members are going to exhibit a rough mood.  Fighting family members in everyday life can make the person very miserable and the quality of life of a person facing these kinds of problems greatly reduces. You may avail best online horoscope making service in Australia for getting sound astrological advice in this regard.

Reasons for family fights:

Sometimes, the negative energies of the planets due to Mahadasha of planets may result in various reasons of disturbances in family members at once.


The malefic effects of certain planets result in Grah klesh.

There are certain people who don’t like interference in their work. And due to their traits being controlled by certain planetary powers, this becomes the reason of conflicts even due to trivial issues.

Sometimes, there may be many vastu doshas present in a home that may result in lot of family disturbances.

The evil influence of a negative person may also cause conflicts to get developed in a house.

When family members are not performing naimaitik karmas like pitri poojan, kul-devi/devta poojan, meditation or spiritual practice of any kind at home, fights or conflicts at home can result.

The greedy nature of certain family members may become source of fights between family members.

Problems outside the home may also make one of the family members prone to fights and conflicts.

Astrological remedies that help to remove conflicts in families

When a lot of problems are occurring due to conflicts amongst family members, consulting a senior astrologer can help to solve most of the problems.

Performing a hawan or yajna under the supervision of astrologers can also prove very useful for subduing the negative energies leading to fights. It is important to offer special things to energies that should be appeased. It is also actually a part of naimaitik karma.

Naimatik karmas are those which if not duly performed, can lead to lot of problems. These include everyday spiritual practice, pitri poojan, kul devi poojan and rituals done in form of charity and auspicious conducts on various festivities.

Shanti  poojan for any malefic planet is also very beneficial in such cases.

It may also be possible that the home is afflicted by some negative energy. In this case, taking help of expert astrologer is very helpful to get rid of black magic problems.

Important occasions like Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Shivratri, are the times, when if special poojan is done, there would be freedom of afflictions by negative energies and graham klesha conflicts due to malefic planets get resolved.

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Know what Astrologers say about Brexit and its impact on market

While market analysts all across the globe are worried about the impact of the ‘Brexit vote’ on the stocks, bonds, currencies and categories of other assets, Indian astrologers and online fortune tellers seem to have a different story to tell.


With the exit of Raghuram Rajan as a governor from the RBI, the stability to the markets came back rather quickly, thus, reinforcing the faith in the strength of the domestic market.

Despite this, market veterans are worrisome about the impact of Brexit vote that they believe could destabilize the market.

Nonetheless, Indian astrologers maintain that predictions reveal that market would be very strong and there is no actual need to worry.

Noted astrologers dealing in numerology also pointed out that 2016 would be especially good for Indian economy as this is the 69th (6, Venus) that coincides with the 2016 (9,Mars).

To add relevance to the above statement, the astrologer says that India got its independence on 15 (1+5=6) in year 1947 (3), won a historical cricket match in 1983 (3) with number 6 Captain, Kapil Dev whose name adds to 3.
This represents that family of 3, 6, and 9 is very favorable for India.

Even in 2010, when the whole world was afflicted with recession, India remained the least affected. The year was the 63rd year of independence of coming into being and 6+3 adds to 9.

While most of the world is in utter confusion over the impact of Brexit and believe that this could actually result in a Black Friday for UK.

The stars at the time of Brexit have a favorable story to tell for India, as Ketu and Neptune were transiting Aquarius, Venus and Sun were in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Taurus and Uranus in Pisces. This is a position that favors long-term investors. The trend is favorable for the food-processing and housing-related market that is expected to gain momentum.


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5 Important Gems to Bring Wealth & Prosperity at Home

When the Pandavas returned to Hastinapur from exile after 12 years alongwith Draupdi and their mother Kunti, they were welcomed by King Dhritrashtra and his wife Gandhari.

This was a period of rebuilding for the Pandavas who had faced very harsh times in past. Krishna was the maternal cousin of Pandavas and had been with them all the while in their difficult times. At the time of coronation, Krishna arrived to Hastinapur and while preparing Yudhishthira for the important ceremony, gave him marvelous advice on how to increase prosperity in the home.

Indian Astrologer in Sydney has come up with this legendary conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhishthra for highlighting how these 5 simple things can bring prosperity and luck to your home.


The Pandavas overcame the misfortune spelled onto them by their own cousins, the Kauravas who even conspired to kill them during their exile period. Naturally, the Kauravas were not happy to see the Pandavas back at Hastinapur. However, due to voice of the public and opinion of wise and prominent figures at Hastinapur, the eldest Pandava, was chosen for Coronation.

The article by astrologer in Australia brings forth the various concepts that were brought forth by Krishna in the significant conversation. In the conversation, Lord Krishna says that merely the presence of these things allows positive energy to enter a home that purifies the mind and soul of the inhabitants. Thus, there is prosperity in such a household.

  • Water: Krishna explained that offering water to the thirsty is a divine work that should not be failed. Thus, guests are always offered water upon their arrival.  Water jar is also kept for birds and animals in every household even during summer months.

    One should also keep a bucket full of water and cover it neatly in the wash room area.

  • Sandalwood: Lord Krishna tells Yudhishthira that even surrounded by thousands of venomous snakes, sandalwood tree does not become venomous and continues to release its pleasant fragrance. Even the other trees get embued with the fragrance of sandal in this way.  Presence of sandalwood brings in positivity and wards off evil influences.
  • As per astrology, Krishna highlighted that application of sandalwood on one’s forehead, Shivalingam and Peepal tree is very auspicious and it attracts prosperity.
  • Shri Krishna explained that Desi Ghee extracted from cow’s milk is considered as a very auspicious, especially when it is offered to deities by burning the lamps during the ‘sandhi kaal’ or dusk and dawn hours of the day. Preparing ghee form cow’s milk at home is very auspicious and this act invites Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Well, this throws light why Krishna was known as a thief of butter in his childhood!
  • Veena: Veena is a musical instrument that represents Goddess Saraswati. Keeping a Veena at home, the household gets bestowed with prosperity and  with the knowledge imparted by her. This helps to keep poverty at bay.
  • Honey: As per Lord Krishna, Honey is one the purest substances that when kept at home in a clean place radiates prosperity. Consuming the honey on daily basis helps a person to remain healthy with a strong positive energy.

    Keeping hone at home helps prevent a person from becoming a spendthrift and losing the hard-earned money.

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