How to Cure a Black Magic Spell?

Black magic can play havoc in your life by blocking the intelligence and wisdom to function. Most of the people who practice black magic on someone do so out of intention of harming the target. World is getting badly afflicted by people who cannot stand the happiness of others. Patience, tolerance and quality of thoughts of people are stooping to new lows in the Iron Age.

If your luck has been especially bad in recent past or you have been experiencing anger boils from some time or are feeling blocked out of good opportunities, chances are you are experiencing a black magic spell. Such spells tend to make one feel powerless and lost due to continuous failures at the most crucial points of life, where success was anticipated.


However, the positive aspect is, negativity would generate equivalent amount of positivity to counter it, because the rule of nature is for every negative, there is a positive. So, just generate some positive acts and get rid of black magic. You may like some of these options that serve to get rid of black magic.

Cleansing your Aura

An aura that is bestowed with power of sacredness is vital for black magic removal. You can enhance your aura by wearing an amulet that is made of any object that is sacred for you. An amulet with sacred objects like a coin from a pilgrimage place or a souvenir given by a saint can be worn around the harm or neck.

The aura of the sacred pilgrimage or saint will protect you from the ill-effects of any black magic. Sometimes, simple objects like your favorite ribbon of childhood may carry wondrous effects. Just figure out what keeps you positive.

Take a bath in Epsom salt and magic herbs: A ritual bath at home in a tub of water charged with Epsom salt and holy herbs like basil, patchouli, mugwort, Vetiver, hyssop has the power to drain away the blues you carried from the black magic spell. This just refreshes you and recharges your ethereal body with positivity and ‘pranic’ force.

Burning Uncrossing Incense

There are some herbs that have the power of uncrossing which means they can remove the voodoo or spells of black magic. Vetiver, mugwort, wormwood and sage grass are very great agents that can work as uncrossing agents. You even can tie some part of a bundle of these herbs and carry them alongside you.
Some herbs Shatavari(asparagus), Tulsi (holy basil), and sage have holy power to keep off all evil spirits and jinx.  These can also be tied around the waist.

Laughter and Smiles to Ward off Negativity

Black magic gets strengthened by negative acts and energies. On the other hand, positive energy alleviates its effect. Laughter is the best medicine in this case. It is the symbol of your positivity and is an antidote for all kinds of black magic.

When you feel engulfed by the curse, think of sweet and funny things that lighten up your spirit. Focus on the feeling of positivity brought about by doing your favorite activities.

Confrontation by persons who have cast a spell on you should be dealt with great positivity. Give the person a bright smile and be friendly. Try laughing with the person. Even if the person does not respond, the power of your positivity would weaken his negative power.

Binding Spells with White Magic

White magic spells cast by you in the name of the person help to turn a person’s negative energy to positive energy so that he or she can no longer harm anyone. A binding spell of this kind will not harm anyone.

On the contrary, it would stop the person from engaging in vile activities of harming you and others.

You may inscribe a candle with a person’s name and burn it while making a positive wish for the person: May you get into realm of light. Let you past actions leave you. May you be ushered into positivity. Let my future not be dark. I welcome you with open arms to the world of light. (Chant: Asto ma sadgamaya, tamaso ma jyotirgmaya…..)

Taking help from a Spiritual Healer

If you feel that you are affected by a serious black magic spell, taking the help of a spiritual healer is a wise step. Good Spiritual healers know how to deal with different kinds of black magic and resolve them by performing special rituals.
Taking help of psychics who help to heal by meditation or hypnosis techniques can prove very useful.

Contact Black magic removal expert in Sydney, Pandit Surya ji to help you rid of black magic and negativity and move into a bright future you are destined for!


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